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Song Lyrics
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Nick's Lyrics

Nick Ippoliti - singer/songwriter & Aesthetic Education Specialist

Lay down your bones


Babe, Ive been staring these walls

Crack back like fists

Punching holes through my dreams

Outside, the streets have gone mad

Young widows in red

Handing out bones

Laugh like a carnival

The wind freezes rain

But the crowd still waltzes

They shovel the ice

But the dirt is too old

So they dance till the fire

From the sun turns the ice

To water

They fill up their skins

The music it plays

Widows in time

Turn the water to wine

The bones started dancing


I jumped from my dream

And into the fire

Didnt think about you

Or the burn in my soul

I just let go

Faceless emerald eyes smiled

A thousand voices cried

I fell to the ground

I could not get up

Until you helped me

You showed me the dance

Just give it a chance

But I just stood there


Lay down your bones


The clouds spread like feathers

Tickled the wind

Church bells tolled

The wind set my back

Over the town square

And still those emerald eyes smile

A thousand voices cried

And all the widows and bones

Mortar and stone

Took turns leading me

I reached out my hand

But kept my eyes closed

I could feel your heart strength

I started to shake

And you stood there

Holding me


Lay your bones down



Nashville Snakeskins


Are you showing off

Your Nashville Snakeskins

For the boys in NY city.

Did you take another pill,

Dance till closing?

I bet they played your song,

When 'every song is your song'

Remember when you said that.

You stole the music from my fingers

Every word I wrote you sang

And now your voice is free to

Fly on the streets of N.Y.

I'm tired of always being right

And going up against your tide

Baby, if I could

I would lay down and die


But I got a life to live

I got a house to build

Far from here

And the streets of N.Y.


Lucky that your baby's safe

Ex-husband helps hide the mistakes

Guilt is lighter when you're spoiled

And when you're convinced that you're right

Time will tell and kill the lie

And all you're foolish, precise pride

Will be lost

On the streets of  N.Y.

I don't want to go back

I don't want to go back

To the streets of N.Y.


I got a life to live

I got a house to build


Point your finger somewhere else

Tell your friends to kiss my ass.

This one-way town can burn

This mountain's fire will rise.

A beggar's mouth is always dry

The fool will cry at 3 am

Baby, if I could

I'd lay down and die.







All my love Taste like muddy water

And the straight line to you is a wash

Sometimes I can hear the white tide

Rolling free on the shore lines of Scotland

I close my eyes and I listen

For the truth must be reborn



Rope my vision and hang them from the gallows of love


Twisted fingers planting lilies in the shallows of my grave


Gun your kingdom and warn your children against the nature of my name

And I will shine


Shades of green, pale like the sunset

All the dogs fight for the bone

Promises weigh down the bottom

the hangman sings for the jester   

I close my eyes and I listen

For my love must be reborn 


Bound my hands and stripped me to nothing

Turned a fool for the words you bargained

But cheaper still was the seal of your smile

As the wood beneath my feet fell to the flowers

I closed my eyes for the last time

But my vision will live forever








lend me a shovel

So I

Can dig myself from here


I got a troubled mind

Troubled mind



Lend me a gun

So I

Can shoot my teacher down


I got a troubled mind

Troubled mind



Lend me a wrecking ball

So I

Can tear this nation down


I got a troubled mind

Troubled mind



Lend me a bottle

So I

Can drink it down


I got a troubled mind

Troubled mind


Friend lend me a reason

So I

Can lay my self to rest