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Music Highlights
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One of the things I like best about writing songs is recording them. This album and all the circumsatnces behind the last few days of mixing were a peculiar time for me. Actually, any of my friends will tell you everything is peculiar with me. Politicus was a fun project. I sat on the drum and piano tracks for 7 months. Right before David Vaughan left for London, England he came over to Whitneyville Recording. With the help of recording master, Bob Rubin, we were able to catch some good sounds. I started recording the rest, which wasn't much; up-right bass, elec. bass & guitar and vocals...of course. Dave Cavage came for a session one night and layed down banjo on two tracks. I hope you enjoy this new one. It gives me great pride to present another cd.
Nicholas P. Ippoliti


Nick Ippoliti - singer/songwriter & Aesthetic Education Specialist

On Saturday, October 20, 2001, Nick Ippoliti and the Travelin Machine had the honor to open for the lengendary, ASCAP Lifetime Achievement Award Winner & Grammy Nominee...Dave Van Ronk. To have been a part of the second to the last show performed by Dave Van Ronk gives me chills. I only had a brief conversation with Dave. He actually walked away from the show with not only a copy of Tramp Art but an original computer print as well, a print of his choice...Amsterdam!!!

2001 Canyon Country Concert Series
Me & Bob and Dave Van Ronk

Mardi Gras @ Partners, Williamsport
Feb. 7, 2002

Don't ask how I ended up with this collection of beads

The Machine @ Partners, Williamsport

Nick at the General Lafayette Inn, Lafayette Hill PA

Nick and my sister, Barbara Ann

Wellsboro High School, Wellsboro, PA
Dave Van Ronk performing his second to his last show

Wellsboro High School
The Travelin' Machine opening for Van Ronk

Tom Hoover singing a couple of songs, including Cedar Run

Brooke & friend enjoying the heck out of the night

Mark, Steve, Marq, Nick & Tom