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Curriculum Vitae
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Curriculum Vitae


Nicholas P. Ippoliti

The University of Texas at Dallas
Department of Arts and Humanities, JO 47
PO Box 830688
Richardson, TX 75083-0688


   Academic Record


Ph.D. in Interdisciplinary Humanities, University of Texas at Dallas (Fields: American     Lyricism, Performance Studies, History of American Folk Music), expected spring 2007

            Performative Dissertation: “Echoes of McCallum; The Songwriting Process and dentity Formation” (proposal, music and lyrical content approved).

            Committee Chair: Composer Dr. Robert Xavier Rodriguez


M.S. in Education, Mansfield University (Fields: Educational Psychology, Aesthetics of Education), 2001

            Thesis: “Using Creative Expressive Arts to Establish Positive Educational Experiences with At-Risk Student Populations.”


B.A. in Philosophy, Mansfield University (Fields: Philosophy of the Arts, Minor in Creative Writing), 1997


A.A. in Music, Bucks County Community College (Fields: Music Theory and Performance (voice), 1991

Academic Appointments and Professional Experience


Teaching Assistant, Lecturer, Exploration of the Arts, University of Texas at Dallas, 2003-present.


Lecturer, Songwriting; Blending Music and Lyric in Liminal Space, University of Texas at Dallas, 2004 - present.


Performing Songwriter and Recording Artist, Second Fret Records, 1994-present.


Lecturer, English Composition, Richland Community College, Richland, Texas, 2004.


Graduate Assistant, Office of Associate Provost, Mansfield University, 2000-2001.

            Graduate Student Representative

            Editor, Graduate Student Bulletin, 2001.

            Researcher, Effectiveness of Graduate Assistantships in SSHE of Pennsylvania, 2001.


Substitute Teacher (K-12), Southern Tioga School District, Pennsylvania, 2000-2003.


Assistant Audio Engineer / Sound Reinforcement and Design, Whitneyville Recording, Whitneyville, Pennsylvania, 1996-2006.


Life Skills Counselor, Today Incorporated, Newtown, PA.1988-1994

            Providing group and individual life skills counseling services to Children and Youth population.


Teaching Fields


Movements in American Folk Lyricism (scholarly)

History of American Folk Music (scholarly)

Performance Studies (creative; performing songwriter)

Songwriters’ Workshop (creative)

Creative Writing (songwriting, lyricism, poetry, playwriting)

Music Theory and American Culture (scholarly/creative)

Audio and Video Production (Adobe Photo Shop 7.0, Adobe Audition 1.0, Final Cut Pro)

Exploration of the Arts (scholarly/creative)

Music Theory I

Guitar I

Rhetoric and Composition I, II

Introductory to Philosophy   

Introductory to Education

Volunteer Educational/Community Service


Guitar Faculty Search Committee, Department Of Arts and Humanities Graduate Student Representative, University Of Texas at Dallas, 2006.


Selection Committee; Plays and Scripts, Sojourn; a Journal of the Arts, University of Texas at Dallas, 2004 and 2006.


Vice President, Graduate Student Association, University of Texas at Dallas, 2003-2004.


Aesthetic Education Specialist, Southern Tioga County, Pennsylvania, 1999-2002.

         Creating Music Videos;

Designer and coordinator of an educational effort to assist at-risk students with production strategies to creatively express themselves. This program incorporated the volunteer efforts of skilled artistic professionals; a recording engineer, a graphic artist, video engineer and a published creative writer. This program incorporated the philosophical aspect of aesthetics entitled “Logical Expressionism.”


Jim Glimm Memorial Concert, Jim Glimm Scholarship fund-raiser, Mansfield University Theatre, May 2001 and April 2002.

Honors and Awards


Outstanding Senior Award, Department of Philosophy, Mansfield University, 1997.

Selected Music Performances and Workshops


Songwriters Ball, in association with the Dallas Songwriters Association, Dallas, Texas, 2005-2006.


Oh6 Art Collective Trunk Swap, Dallas, Texas, July 2006.


Sojourn, a Journal of the Arts, Local Color Gallery, University of Texas at Dallas Publication, South Side at Lamar. July 2006.


Hickory Fest III, Performance and Songwriting workshop, Wellsboro, Pennsylvania, August 2002 and 2003.


Music in the Mountains, Performance and Songwriting workshop, Stoney Fork, PA., August 2001.


Fine Arts Forum; Muse and Music Series, Pennsylvania Council of the Arts, Mansfield, PA., 1998-2002.


Canyon Country Concert Series, Dave Van Ronk in Concert, opening songwriter, Department of Parks and Recreation, Wellsboro, PA., October 2001.


Bradford County Arts Series, Bradford County Arts Association, Rialto Theatre, Canton, PA., 2001.


Riverside Theatre, An Evening of American Folk Art; Nick Ippoliti (songwriting), Bucky   Green (wood carving), and Charlie James (poetry), Bristol, PA., Sept. 2000.


Canyon Country Bluegrass Festival, Wellsboro Department of Parks and Recreation, Wellsboro, PA., July 1998 and 1999.


CbGb’s Art Gallery New Music Video Single’s Festival, a Roman Video Production, New York, N.Y., 1994.

Original Works Produced


Harbor of Philadelphia, HD music video, Beta Test 2, University Theatre, University of Texas at Dallas, 2004.


Mr. Wolf, one act play, staged reading, Jonnson Performance Hall, University of Texas at Dallas, 2004.


Second Chance, VHS music video. Premier screening with live performance, CbGb’s Art Gallery, New York, N.Y., copyright Nick Ippoliti, 1994.

Production Design


Sound Design, theatre production, Fernando Crap Wrote Me This Letter by Tankred Dorst, University Theatre, University of Texas at Dallas, Sept. 2005.


Sound Design, multi-media interactive theatre production, Kartasi by Thomas Riccio, October, University Theatre, University of Texas at Dallas, 2004.


Assistant Engineer, Whitneyville Recording, PA.

            Selected Recording Artists:

                                    Burnt Toast

                                    Blue Merles

                                    Hickory Project

                                    Tom Hoover

Selected Reviews and Articles


Nick Ippoliti and the Travelin’ Machine Bring Grass Roots to Bristol, Arts and Entertainment Guide (cover story), Bucks County Courier Times, Bensalem, PA., Sept. 2000.


Pollock’s Perk; The Express’ery Offers Acoustic Music Sessions by Brandy Brubaker, The Daily Collegian Arts, a Pennsylvania State University Publication, Jan, 2000.


Tramp Art; Americana, Folk Singer goes with Simple Honest Approach to Music by Chris McGann, album review, Arts and Entertainment, Wellsboro Gazette, Jan., 1999.


Recording Studio to Drum up Business using ‘Net by Chris McGann, Market Place, Wellsboro Gazette, Jan., 1998.


Nick Ippoliti - Who I am by staff writer, album review, Music Reviews Quarterly, fall, 1997.


Nick Ippoliti - Who I am by Dave Faux, album review, 181.4 Degrees from the Norm, 1997.


Coffeehouse Beat by Josh Cusatis, fine arts review, Flashlight Vo. 75, Issue 10, a Mansfield University Publication, 1995.

Music Publications


Performative Dissertation, “Echoes of McCallum,” copyright Nick Ippoliti, expected 2007.

            - Bet Your Bones

            - Butter Moon Melting

            - Candy

            - Dizzy Miss Mayhem

            - Dirty Woman

            - Harbor of Philadelphia

            - Hawks of 5th Avenue

            - Reckoning

            - Lisa Victoria

            - Missy Janie

            - Sunny Side

            - Sully Day


Harbor of Philadelphia” DV Music Video, copyright Nick Ippoliti, 2004.


“Politicus”- Second Fret Records, copyright Nick Ippoliti, 2003.

            - Bye-Bye

            - Hurricane

          - King Slave

            - Lay Down Your Bones

            - My Captain, Your Fool

            - Nashville Snake-skins

            - Politicus

            - Spanish Fountain

            - Troubled Mind

            - We’re Gonna Dance


“Tramp Art; Americana” - Second Fret Records, copyright Nick Ippoliti, 2000.

            - Black Wolf

            - Clear Wine

            - Fallen

            - Julia and her child

            - Mother

            - My America

            - Omar’s Travelin’ Machine

            - Punch Drunk

          - Sometimes

         - Real World

            - Tramp Art

            - Velvet Moon


“Who I am” - Second Fret Records, copyright Nick Ippoliti,1996.

            - 73

            - Booksmart Billy

          - Don’t wake me up

            - Guilt

            - In Through the Woods

            - Lovetown

            - Pro-life

            - Postman

            - Railroads, bridges and things

            - Spooky Tune

            - USRDA Serving


Second Chance, single; music and video, copyright Nick Ippoliti, 1994.

Works in Progress

Ella May Wiggins; the Revisionist Balladeer (Multi-media documentary)


Half Man-Half Jellyfish Found Dead; Lake Salvador Louisiana

Interactive-multi-media one act play

Professional References


Dr. Robert Xavier Rodriguez

Professor of Aesthetic Studies

809 Blue Lake Circle
Richardson, TX 75080

Office Phone: 972-238-8703


Dr. Robert S. Nelsen

Associate Provost

The University of Texas at Dallas

Box 830688, JO 31

Richardson, TX 75083-0688

Office Phone: 972-883-2149


Mr. Robert Rubin


Whitneyville Recording/Second Fret Records

P.O. Box 162, Mansfield, PA

Office Phone: 570-724-7572



Nick Ippoliti - singer/songwriter & Aesthetic Education Specialist