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CD Release - Who I am (1996)
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who i am.
Sound Hound Records 1996  


  1. Pro Life
  2. Postman
  3. 73
  4. In Through The Woods
  5. Feedback Track
  6. Railroads, Bridges and Things
  7  Don't wake me up - click to listen
  7. USRDA serving
  8. Book-smart Billy
  9. Lovetown
10. Spooky Tune
11. Guilt

Nick Ippoliti can write good songs. Roughly stick them in a rock category, but only because they contain enough pop, a dash of country, and a pinch of blues and won't fit neat into any of those categories exclusely. He's got a good touch when it comes to songwriting, he can develop lines easily, loop them into smart choruses and bridges, and move back out with a deft pop-writers sense. He doesn't reach for the stars with his songwriting, he simply crafts solid, good songs with appealing hooks and a casual but clever flow to them.

                             Music Review Quarterly

Nick Ippoliti - singer/songwriter & Aesthetic Education Specialist