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The Fret - House Concerts


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The best local intimate venue

Nick Ippoliti - singer/songwriter & Aesthetic Education Specialist

House concerts are fast becoming a trend in live entertainment. Why? People are able to listen to the best in music in as intimate a venue as it gets. Not only that, there is a limited amount of seats available which allow you the best seat in the house. Complimentary refreshments and food will be served

     It is my hope to bring you more than just music. This June I am arranging to have two comedians expose their funny bones to all who can handle a laugh. The gig is tenative right now but as soon as it is finalized tickets will be available. John F. Kensil from Bucks county and Mike Stanki from L.A. will be our crackpots for the event.

    Also, in August a band from Florida will make their appearance at the fret. The Grass is Dead...hmmm...will bring their southern heat into full bloom under the Fret.


4/20/02       This month, The Fret is hosting The Hickory Project. They are a dynamic, acoustic 5 piece with roots in bluegrass. Sue Cunningham (fiddle) and Anthony Hannigan (mandolin) have both been awarded state champions in their instrument. Steve Belcher (upright) and Danny Shipe (guitar) are Wellsboros own prize. And let us not forget Dave Cavage (banjo).


A disclaimer...since I rent this place month to month, and it is for sale, I may be booted out at any no donations for tickets will be accepted until we are closer to an actual event.


If you think 10 bucks is too steep for a night I am offering then you probably don't belong at the Fret.

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